You ordered a frozen meal?

Your meals will be delivered for free on your day of choice: Tuesday or Thursday between 5 and 8pm. Minimum order value for delivery is €29. Orders below this amount can be picked up at the What The Food headquarters, or go by Delhaize Proxy Kouter Ghent. People of Antwerp can pick-up their frozen meals at coffeebar Viggo’s during opening hours.
The meals are delivered in flat vacuum bags, which can be easily stored in your freezer. Even when you think you have no space… You can always fit some What The Food meals!


Every dish comes with suggestions for a side dish.
You can also take your meal to the next level by pimping it.
These suggestions can be found on the label of your frozen meal, and also on the website! Just go to ‘our menu’, hover over a meal and click on the eye-button.

You can defrost your meal by storing it in the fridge the day you want to eat it, running hot tap water over it, or laying it in hot water. It’s advised to heat it up in a pan since the microwave can cause the veggies to lose their texture.

While your meal is heating up, you can take care of your side dish and any pimping options at hand.

Now… Enjoy 🙂