WHAT THE FOOD - vegan frozen meals and plant based catering

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Margaux Geeroms
Founder - Cook

My name is Margaux.

I was trained as a sous chef in Belgian-French cuisine, but turned into a vegan chef on my own.


By moving to Berlin, I learned about the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle. Afterwards I travelled the world for two years where I spent a lot of time in nature and also became a diving instructor in Mexico.

My love and respect for animals and nature only grew, which gave me more and more understanding of the vegan philosophy.


Besides being a DJ, cooking is my greatest passion.

The people who tasted my food invariably said I should do something with this. The idea took a while to mature, but when I spontaneously cooked something up at a party and a friend exclaimed “what the food?!” in response to my dishes, I felt “this is it!”.


I like to share my plant based meals I put my heart into.

Besides creating a special moment while deejaying, nothing makes me more happy than people enjoying my food.

It took a while to find a suitable concept, but the core of “What The Food” is frozen vegan meals.


You can expect classics with a twist, but also dishes inspired by my travels. The idea is that you always have a tasty meal ready in your freezer. Perfect after a long day of work…


Or just because it is tasty of course 😉


You can order via the ‘menu’ tab on top of this page.


I deliver every Tuesday and Thursday between 5 and 8pm in Ghent. Delivery is free and by bicycle. Minimum order value for delivery is €29. 


Pick-up in the center of Ghent (Lange Violettestraat 42) is also possible upon appointment.The frozen meals are also for sale at Delhaize proxy Kouter (Ghent) and there’s a pick-up point in Antwerp (coffeebar Viggo’s). You can go by any time during opening hours. You can order on this website or order on the spot.


In addition, I can also be hired as a private chef and I also cater for events. A lot is possible and I’m always open to new ideas.

Recently What The Food moved to new headquarters:

I recently bought a property in Ghent where I have a professional kitchen and restaurant space for rent. Do you want to try out a restaurant pop-up idea? Would you like to have a private restaurant for you and your friends for a night? My space is open to many possibilities, there could be parties or other concepts too. Let’s talk!

Feel free to send me a message without any obligation.


See you soon!